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About totalhealth

totalhealth Pharmacy is Ireland’s fastest-growing independent pharmacy group. With over 70 independently owned pharmacies nationwide all under the totalhealth Pharmacy umbrella, customers will soon find a locally owned totalhealth Pharmacy in every county in the country.

Local independent pharmacies across Ireland are joining the totalhealth network to enable them to address the needs of their customers in a more professional way. You will see your local totalhealth Pharmacy with the same local owner and pharmacist, the same staff in the same location, offering better value, a new range of products and health services and might we say it, looking a bit better!

totalhealth Pharmacies are focussed on making it easier for the customer to find a solution for their health needs. Our staff are trained in offering professional health care advice.  Our pharmacies are rooted in their communities, for generations in some cases. They are involved in caring for local families, their own families have grown up in the area and they care about the communities in which they live.

Trusted + Local + Care

Trusted: totalhealth is your local pharmacy where you have always received excellent advice and attention. Nothing of that has changed. Your local pharmacist now has the support and expertise of over 60 of our colleagues to add to that knowledge and advice. With continued investment in training and standards throughout the group, we can offer our customers services and assistance that are second to none.

Local: Being your local pharmacy means we know our customers, we know the community in which we serve, we work and live locally and we now have a national network to support your local pharmacy. This support network enables us to offer our customers better value and choice through its larger buying power along with better services and rewards for our loyal customers.

Care: Without great care, we would have no customers. totalhealth offers our customers the best care and advice available. We will go that extra mile for our customers. Customer service is not just a couple of words it is a lifestyle in our business. We don’t aim to give great customer care to the majority of our customers; our promise is that we will provide great customer service for all our customers. Our pharmacies have been rooted in their communities for generations in some cases. They have been involved in caring for families, in most cases, their own families have grown up in the area and they care about the communities in which they live.

History of totalhealth

In 2005, 4 Roscommon pharmacists came together to see how they could improve their buying power by buying together for the benefit of their customers. Very quickly the word spread and more pharmacies joined forming a company called Pharmasave, all realising the benefits acting together could bring to their customers. Buying together gives greater negotiating power and thereby enabling totalhealth pharmacies to offer larger ranges at better prices.

From 2005-2012, customers of Pharmasave benefitted primarily by their local pharmacy being part of this buying group. Pharmasave pharmacies wanted more for their customers than just a buying group. This led to the creation of the brand totalhealth Pharmacy. Pharmacists wanted to offer more benefits to their customers while building a consumer-facing brand that would compete in the marketplace under a common symbol and image. In essence, the Group wanted an excellent brand that would reflect all the values that they had spent their lives working for, hence, totalhealth, and it's core values of Trusted, Local, Care came into being. The first totalhealth Pharmacy opened in Westport in October 2013.

totalhealth, creating and making the difference in the Irish retail pharmacy market!

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