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Cookie Policy

Pharmasave Holdings Ltd.

Last update: December 2020

So what is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data in the form of a text file that may be stored on your computer or mobile device having visited a website. It allows a website “remember” your actions or preferences over a length of time and helps us improve your experience each time you visit.

How Cookies are used on this website

There are two main categories of cookie…

Session Cookies: These temporary cookies are not stored on your computer or mobile device. They are erased once your browser is closed or your session is inactive for 20 mins or more.

Persistent cookies: Persistent or Duration cookies are placed on your computer or mobile device for a pre-determined duration once you visit a website. may use Google Analytics to assist in managing our website to ensure we provide relevant information in an easily accessible format and as a tool to give our customers best service.

Below is a list of cookies that we use. We have tried to ensure this is complete and up to date, but if you think that we have missed a cookie or there is any discrepancy, please let us know.


Cookie Name

Cookie Type


Cookie Descriptor


PHP Session ID

20 minutes

Used to distinguish users on the system


Cookie Preferences

6 months

Stores the cookie preferences for the website


Google Analytics Tracking Cookie

2 years

Used to distinguish users


Google Analytics Tracking Cookie

24 hours

Used to distinguish users


Google Analytics Tracking Cookie

1 minute

Used to throttle request rate


Facebook Pixel Tracking Cookie

2 years

Used to distinguish users

Remarketing utilise paid advertising tools including Google Adwords for advertising personalisation & remarketing purposes. These persistent cookies enable our marketing team to serve tailored advertising across Googles Display Network as well as tailoring search results for website visitors.

What Personal Data is collected by using this website?

This website will collect the IP address of visitors. While totalhealth cannot identify an individual by an IP address (an identifier number assigned to each computer and other device) that same information may be passed on to the competent Authority so they make take the necessary steps to obtain information from the relevant ISP to identify an individual if they consider initiating criminal prosecutions as a result of a cyber-attack against this site.

Managing/Removing Your Cookies

To control the cookies from/on your computer or mobile device, please refer to your web browsers settings

To provide our website visitors with the option of preventing their data from being used by Google Analytics, please click the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on for the Google Analytics JavaScript here.

To view Google analytics data privacy and security analytics information click here.

About this policy

For all questions relating to this policy please contact

Your right to complain to the DPC

Although we hope it never comes to this, you do have the right to complain to the DPC about any of totalhealth’s processing activities at

Changes to this Cookie Policy

This Privacy Policy was updated in December 2020.  We may update it from time to time, so we recommend that you check back here occasionally.  If we make changes we think may affect you significantly, particularly if they could have an impact on the choices you have made or your marketing preferences, we’ll provide you with a prominent notice.

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